Thursday, August 12, 2010

yoyo's for sale

row 1: classic g5, hardcoat dv888, lucha libre
row2: shuriken prototype, algae bassalope(gone), cyclon fhz
row3: used black barebones, two superyo samurais

a few scuff marks from white wall; nothing through anno. - sold

limited edition hardcoat. one ding on edge there. - 75 shipped

prototype shuriken:
68 grams(?) raw steel. oxidization. would look great with clear anno. - 80 shipped

classic g5 with silver swirls:
a few scuffs here and there. - 75 shipped

throwdown lucha libre:
delrin, has a small flatspot i couldn't get a good snap of. - 70 shipped

cyclon fhz:
mint. - 50 shipped

superyo samurais:
light scratches here and there. nothing that affects play.
$50 shipped each; $90 for both.

black barebones:
has light scuffs here and there.
flat bearing.
tiny vibe, but fantastic player.
$50 shipped.

paypal personal/gift only. money orders will have to be received before ship.

trade interests:

would love to trade my bm30spl for either.
if you're interested in other knives, please leave a comment here or shoot me a pm at yoyonation @ken

for those interested in knives, you must be at the legal age of 18 or older. know your own state laws. i am not responsible if anything happens.

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  1. Hey Ken,

    I know it was a long ass time ago that you posted it, but are you still selling your BM 47? I'd be interested is it's still available.
    Hit me up and please let me know:
    the_illustr8r [at]